How Would You Improve Rockford Schools?

Businesses surrounding local schools have already invested their time and money in the community, but they have their own ideas as to how District 205 should spend their money coming up in 2007.

Those ideas range from keeping School Choice, to cutting transportation costs and increasing security. While some people believe they have seen District 205 take steps forward.

“They're setting the guidelines down a little stricter making them, enforcing a lot of the rules and the parents to get behind them, which is a good thing,” says Diane Tope, Owner of Great Hang-ups and mother of one.

Others feel that what has been done isn't nearly enough.

“I go to the schools and the kids are running up and down the halls disrespecting the teachers, and they are being allowed to do that,” says Ronda Gonzalez, mother of four.

The key, they say, is to have support at home and in the classroom, and to get our children more involved with positive activities. However, academics still need to take center stage.

One man, who sees students all the time in the barbershop he works at, says encouraging and even requiring study halls could help. “It will focus kids more on really basically learning how to study; if you don’t give them an opportunity to study then they will just ignore it.”

And, continued improvement in education in Rockford is something no one wants to ignore.