NIU Professor Setting Bad Example

Fights happen from time to time on all college campuses. NIU police responded to a fight around 11 am that was anything but typical. Lt. Matt Kiederlen has worked for the NIU Police Department for 14 years.

“When we arrived on scene the two professors had been in an argument and one of them had been struck by the other one with a small metal bar.”

Police say Associate Professor Radha Balamuralikrishna administered the blow, causing a head injury that required treatment by paramedics. An NIU spokesman said the professor charged with aggravated battery will be but on administrative leave until the case is closed.

Students at NIU say they have seen violence on campus, but its usually between fellow students. They were quite surprised when we informed them a fight between professors had taken place on Monday. Guilty or not, students say they would think twice before taking a class with the accused.

“I wouldn't be very comfortable with that, I would try to see if there were other professors I could switch to, I wouldn't be very comfortable with that at all.”

“It would depend on if he had some training, sensitivity training, but I’m sure the school is doing enough about it to make sure it doesn't happen again. But that’s really surprising to hear.”

Tim Stefan, a junior, also believes the system will take care of it.

“That’s the thing about our court system, he is assumed innocent until proven guilty so we will go to trail and see what happens.”