Casinos in Rockford?

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Talks continue about bringing a gambling boat to the forest city.

Rockford has been considering the idea of welcoming a casino to the Rock River for quit some time, but is it a good idea? There's mixed feelings coming from area residents.

A deal has been worked out to buy out a gambling license from a company that used to have the license in east Dubuque.

Now they want to relocate. And it appears that the gaming board is going to declare it an open license, and take bids from cities who would want to buy it.

Mayor Doug Scott says Rockford will make the efforts to bring a boat to town. But certain state liners think a casino could have a negative impact on some residents.

Mayor Scott says the plans to open the license are a ‘tentative’ decision. If it does go through, there could be 10 to 12 cities that would apply for it, including Rockford.