Suits Me

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As if the thought of a job interview isn't stressful enough, some area job seekers don't have the professional clothes they need to make a good impression on employers. A Rockford program is helping women in need dress for success.

It might not sound like much to many of us, but a business suit helped get Suzanne Francis back on her feet.

"I was looking for a job at the time and I needed clothes to interview and I couldn't afford them. I saw this program on TV and called. It's a wonderful program," says Suzanne.

When she couldn't find a job, Francis turned to the YWCA's Suits Me program, a program where women can get professional clothing at no cost to aid their job search. Suits Me eventually led Francis to a job at the Phillips 66.

"It helped tremendously. It gives you more self confidence, makes you feel a lot better when you have nice clothes to wear," Suzanne adds.

Since opening about a year ago, Suits Me has helped hundreds of Rockford women, and with their new Church Street location they hope to help even more.

Perteete Hill says, "This location is street level and it gives us a store front so we can be seem and more people have exposure to it."

While the store has moved, the program's mission is the same.

"This program is a way for women to come and get prepared and it's about building confidence and their self esteem and that's what we do," says Perteete.

"I felt like I was in my own private boutique. It was really fun," Suzanne says.

While the YWCA continues helping woman dress for success they also hope to offer job training programs at their new location. Suits Me is open by appointment only. The organization survives on donations of suits. They especially need larger sized suits and new panty hose. Call the YWCA to help.