Park District Weighing Propsed Cuts

Over the past several days, local residents have been voicing concerns regarding the future of two popular Rockford park district programs. The Rockford park district board had the chance to tell its side of the story.

Both sides are ready to face the challenging times ahead. Park district board members say progress was made, but acknowledge that there's a lot of work remaining to be done.

Meanwhile, supporters of Atwood and Lockwood Parks left disappointed, saying the board did little to address their concerns. The board did take a small step toward saving some programs by reducing the amount of money earmarked for maintenance by $900,000, but still that doesn't guarantee that programs at Atwood or Lockwood Parks will be saved.

The park district board is now giving the public its chance to voice its mind and make suggestions on how to save programs by offering a public meeting. It's scheduled for Thursday October 9 at the Riverfront Museum Park in Rockford.