Doctor's Pornography Charges

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A Rockford mother is speaking out Tuesday after her son's doctor is charged with possession of child pornography. She spoke about her concerns and experiences with Dr. Burton Moore. Betty Woodard was shocked when she saw the story on 23 News Monday evening. Her son's doctor was accused of possessing child pornography.

The Rockford mother couldn't believe the news. Her two-and-half-year-old son's doctor had been arrested for alleged sexual abuse.

"I was shocked. Very shocked. I had to hear his name again. I actually had to hear his name again to know it was really him," says Woodard.

After an eight-month investigation, police arrested Dr. Burton Moore and charged the pediatrician with ten counts of child pornography possession, this after discovering images on Moore's computer of a boy and girl engaged in sex acts. Moore had been seeing Woodard's son Antonio at this office since his birth.

She was asked: What was your impression of him? Did you have suspicions?

"No. He's a nice doctor, on top of his game. A great doctor," Woodard replies.

While Moore can continue practicing until his case is heard, Woodard says she certainly won't take Antonio back to her office and this definitely changes her screening process.

Woodard says, "I know it's a character flaw but he works with children. The trust is gone, the trust is gone."

Woodard says her only consolation is that she was always with Antonio in the exam rooms during his visits to Dr. Moore. Fifty-seven-year-old Moore could face up to five years in jail if convicted of the charges. His privileges at Swedish American Hospital, OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, and Rockford Memorial Hospital have been suspended pending the outcome of the charges.