Cockfighting In The State-Line

The animals are raised for one reason and one reason only: to kill each other. As cruel as it may sound, some people think its entertaining. Many of those people ended up in a Stateline Jail over the weekend.

Amy Rollette is a neighbor to the farm where the cockfighting took place. "The neighbor down the street called and said he didn't know what was going on and didn't realize there were so many squads,” she explains. “He said I just want to let you know there were people running through my yard."

Those people were fleeing from a couple dozen police officers converging on a farm on Roscoe Road. The sheriffs department had received a tip that roosters were brought to the property for cockfighting matches. Seventy-four people were arrested, including the owner Roman Arellano.

However, most of those attending the fight, and most likely some of the roosters, were from out of state.

“If you do this and you carry the animal over state-lines so interstate commerce is involved, then that could add a federal component to it,” said Congressman Don Manzullo.

That’s what a current bill in the House would allow for if voted into law. It would also double the penalty for animal cruelty charges.

Currently, those found guilty will only have to serve a maximum of a year in jail.