Busy Holiday Shopping Weekend

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The cash registers are singing carols of their own this weekend as Stateline-area residents ventured out in droves to get the hottest holiday gifts.

At Best Buy, customers were snapping up flat panel TVs in record numbers. Managers say it's partially driven by the release of two new video game consoles last weekend.

Meanwhile over at Target, Tickle Me Elmo was disappearing as fast as store employees could put him on the shelves. Stores across the Stateline report increased sales from this time last year, with some attributing those to lower gas prices and a better economy this year. While the past three days have been extremely busy, store managers couldn't be happier about the crowds.

"They're coming in for the hot items but of course there's other items that they're gonna pick up in the store," says Terry Holder, an executive team leader at Target.

"This is the time of year we are the busiest. We do the majority of our business in the last three months of the year," adds Tyson Erdelac, a manager at Best Buy.

If you need to get your holiday shopping done but don't want to fight the crowds, you're in luck. Many stores are opening earlier and staying open later so shoppers aren't always caught up in the rush.

Of course, if you prefer to avoid the chaos, you can always shop online. Most area stores sell their wares on store websites.