Soldier Buried

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There aren't many people around these days that can remember Charles Long, but the fact it took 40 years to find his body leaves many people upset. Long went missing in action at 22 years old while fighting in Korea, and today his remains were finally laid to rest in the Durand Cemetery.

"It's just a relief it was very much an unknown and now we know where he's at now, he's at home," says Chuck Long, Charles Long's nephew.

Dozens of veterans from all wars came out to show their support, including others who served in Korea. Some say it's hard knowing many of their friends have yet to be found overseas.

"He was finally found but there's a lot of boys that never came back here from over there. That should have really had a life but they didn't," says Donald Harvey, a Korean War Veteran.

Eight-thousand Korean War soldiers are still missing. So relatives of Long say they're relieved he's finally back in his hometown of Durand.

"It's the closure of it, and it's very tough emotionally. It's an emotional event," says Long.

An event reminding us, just how many have yet to come home.

Long's remains were discovered 13 years ago, however forensic experts identified him within just the last few weeks. Long is one of 148 set of remains returned at that time, but just 17 have been positively identified.

U.S. officials asked the Koreans to stop sending soldier remains back to the U.S in 1995. They said North Koreans were mixing the bones, making it harder to identify the bodies. 33-thousand American men and women were killed during what many veterans call the "forgotten" war.