Black Friday Shopping

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Christmas trees are lit and stores are stuffed with shoppers. On black Friday many Stateline customers went to the mall with bells on.

"I am buying everything I can think of because I love to shop!" Jane Scheely said.

Shoppers have been finding deals at Cherryvale mall since 5am.

"I was in Bergner's and I was back out by 18 after and I was at Sears and I was back out at Sears at 5:30, then farm and Fleet at 6am," Vickie Morrow said.

Most shoppers are buying Christmas presents... But some found a few things for themselves.

"I did get some presents for myself. I bought some bedding and I bought some clothes and I'll probably look for video games for the kids," Colleen Stukenberg said.

Anyone going to the mall this weekend will want to take a taxi or get a ride from a friend. Some shoppers drove around parking lots for 30 minutes before finding a spot.

"It was pretty hectic. The lines were pretty long too. We sat in the aisles of the parking lot for 20 minutes at a time trying to find a spot," Eddie Bishop said.

It's also a little crowded inside the stores. But many businesses have moved around their merchandise to make extra room for the holiday rush.