Police Gearing Up for Holiday Shopping Season

The job only gets busier for police officers tomorrow, as shoppers flock to area retailers for one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Stateline police departments plan to have extra officers patrolling those busy areas. They say keeping ourselves safe from theft or other crimes can be as easy as paying attention to our surroundings.

"Make sure the purses are on their shoulders, have their keys ready before they get to their cars, make sure they're walking towards the car, they're ready to get into the car so they're not standing around looking for the car keys before they get in," says Sgt. Dave Hooks of the Rockford Police Department.

Security experts recommend that we pay with a check or credit card and keep the amount of cash on us to a minimum. We should also dress casually so we don't attract much attention and if possible, shop during daylight hours.