A Furry Partner Protecting the Streets

“In my opinion they're an excellent asset to police work.”

That is Deputy Dennis Hill talking about his partner and pet, Haus. Haus is one of a very few in Winnebago County that can do it all; narcotics detection, evidence recovery, tracking people and bomb sniffing.

If Haus smells something in a car or school locker, the Sheriff’s Department then has the probable cause to search the area. In addition to the extra expertise, Haus also requires extra attention as a partner, considerably more than your average boy in blue.

“The dog is at home with you, he's at work with you, he is there on your days off. You're pretty much with him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

But that is time well spent when your K-9 companion always has your back, and is ready and willing to put his life on the line.