Flood Funding Kept a Secret

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"Very small."
That's how Carla McIntyre describes how she'll be doing her holiday shopping. Her daughters' wish lists will go unchecked this year because her husband Jim was fired, her son Braden was born a month early, and she still needs 60-thousand dollars to make her flood-damaged basement live-able.

"It's really hard when the commercials come on and the girls are like I want this I want that cause they've lost all of their stuff and so they want it all back but we don't have the financial means to get them the stuff they want," McIntyre says.

But Carla's day got worse when she found out Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey kept a month-long secret about the state granting Rockford $200,000 for flood victims. Alderman Jeff Holt says the Mayor was waiting to tell anyone, including Aldermen, in case FEMA appealed its' decision. But Holt says one thing should have nothing to do with another.

"When you look at $200,000 that the state is offering, that's less than 3 percent of the 7 million dollars in damage. Less than 3 percent I can't imagine is going to have that much of an impact on any decision FEMA may make," says Alderman Holt.

McIntyre says she understands Morrissey's concept, but wishes her family had something to look forward to.

"It would be nice to have something now that where people could continue to get things fixed and put back things and the money for the holidays," McIntyre says.

Alderman Holt says he'd like to give flood victims cash now and have the state reimburse Rockford later. That way families like the McIntyre's could full-fill those wish-list dreams.

He also hopes the city will make a decision regarding the $200,000 within the next few days. Mayor Larry Morrissey was in D.C. over the weekend to appeal FEMA's decision. Now if FEMA says no, Alderman Holt says the city will then discuss moving money around so it could help out more flood victims. We tried to get a comment from the mayor, however he did not return our calls