Thanksgiving Travel

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A record number 38 million Americans are expected to travel by car or plane this Thanksgiving holiday.

"The majority of people, 31 million will be on roadways. In the Chicago Rockford area that number will be very high as well," said Nicole Nieme, a spokeswoman for AAA.

Gas prices in Illinois are expected to average about $2.30 per gallon this week. And that's not stopping many road travelers from driving to their friends and families' homes. Road travel in Illinois is expected to go up 2.5% this Thanksgiving.

"It's been a trend throughout 2006. Travel's been up across the board from Memorial day and throughout the Thanksgiving Holiday,’ Nieme said.

One mom we found who makes the trip to Louisville every year says her secret to a successful trip is to leave early in the morning.

"I drive an SUV and we just pack it with all our stuff and put a portable DVD player for the kids and it makes for a nice ride," Kristin Kruse said.

AAA predicts the roads will be the most crowded they've ever been this weekend... So we'll all have to plan for some extra travel time.