Deer Season Kicks Off

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Gander Mountain was very busy tonight with last minute deer hunters getting ready for the weekend. The store manager says sales are up at least 30-percent this year, a good sign the fields will be filled with rifles and binoculars.

About 200,000 hunters are expected to turn out for the seven day season. The state issued 335-thousand permits so far year, slightly up from the past. The Illinois Department of Resources is reporting just about 115-thousand deer were killed last year. There's about 8-hundred thousand of them in the state. Well, if you plan on hitting up the woods this weekend, Gander Mountain employees say it's important you come prepared.

"Wear your blaze orange be careful. You don't want to be wondering around without your orange on that's very important other than that, sit tight and wait for a shot," says Gander Mountain employee Ryan Leeser.

Gander Mountain says they are sold out of several of its' top-selling rifles nationwide. One hunter says deer hunting is becoming very popular, because more families are doing it together.

Hunting season ends this Sunday and will resume for four days November 30th through December third. Here's a list of check stations if you planning on partaking in the hunting season.

Rockford Speedway, Boone County Fairgrounds, Castle Rock State Park, Stephenson County Fairgrounds, Shabbona Lake State Park, Sportsman's Choice.