Lost Phones in School

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The age when kids have cell phones is getting younger and younger but are they mature enough to hang on to them? Who's responsible when phones get lost or stolen in school?
As many as five students report their phones missing every day at Jefferson High School. Just last week, Danielle Lamb's phone disappeared when she briefly stepped away from her desk during science class.
Lamb says, "It made me feel very uncomfortable and now there's some days when I don't wish to go to school because I don't feel safe that I can bring my belongings to school."
Too often kids here leave their bags unattended and the principa,l Dr. Kenneth Jackson, says the school's just not responsible if kids don't lock up their belongings.
"We don't have time as educators to hunt down cell phones that either are stolen or lost, nor electronic devices. We have time only for educational purposes," says Jackson.
Every Jefferson parent receives a handbook on school policy. It states the school is not responsible for missing phones. Danielle's mom, Carol Phillips, understands the rules, but she thinks the school needs to set a better example.
Says Phillips, "I think they're giving them an attitude that it's alright to go out and steal in the world, nobody's going to do nothing about it."
Jackson says if they can get a lead on a theft, they will try to track the kid down but that's often hard to do.
Phillips has a meeting with Dr. Jackson tomorrow to discuss the matter. If she can find whoever stole the phone, she plans to press charges. She says she won't prosecute the school.