Wind Farm Debate

The same company that brought wind turbines to Lee County wants to bring them to Stephenson County.

Rita Kock lives next to the proposed site. She says, “A lot of people live here, they love it here, they don’t want to move, but there are a lot of things that could force them to move.”

Kock believes placing over 30 turbines between Freeport and Dakota could do that. She attended over 20 hours of testimony last week, where those against the turbines pointed out that they would be over 100 feet taller than the turbines in the Mendota Hills project.

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted 3-1, saying the proposal did not meet the proper requirements. However, that is just an advisory vote. The company behind the plan believes there is still hope.

The county board will have the final word on the project November 30th. A separate project with twice as many wind turbines is also up for approval by the board. The Zoning Board of Appeals has been hearing testimony for three days on that project and has not yet made a recommendation.