Rockford may build new school on Northeast side

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Marsh Elementary School is one of just three elementary schools on Rockford's northeast side.

"Our school is a very busy school. We have quite a population and yeah we see growth on the north east side of the city," said Pamela Laughlin, Principal of Marsh Elementary.

There are no elementary schools located north of East Riverside Boulevard... That's where hundreds of new homes are being built every year.

"It's hard for us to live over here because like my son he goes to Montessori and that's clear across the other side of town," said Curtis Sockwell, a Northeast Rockford resident.

Many elementary schools on Rockford's east side are filled to capacity. The school district will need to build a new elementary school on the city's north east side, and they will have to find funding fairly quickly.

"We could have an additional 3,000 plus children in the school system over the next 5 years just on that side. There are absolutely no schools in that vicinity. We need to take a serious look at what's going to go up to support growth in that area," said Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson.

The superintendent is meeting with developers and other officials this month to discuss where they could build a new elementary school and how the district would pay for it.