Machesney Park Menards Update

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In just the last few years, Machesney Park has attracted a handful of big box retailers. And due to growth on the 173 corridor, owners of one superstore say they want to be even bigger.

Menards is moving down the street so it could add 40-thousand square feet for a garden center. But that means something else will need to move into the current Menards location.

"We're confident it's a good location on 251 and 173 that's it not going to have a problem attracting another retailer," says Karen Lemmons, the Director of Community Development in Machesney Park.

Several shoppers hoped that retailer would be a Woodman's Grocery Store. However Woodman's denies ever being interested in that site. Since about a half dozen home builders are building in Machesney Park, some say shoppers need a store that accommodates new residents.

"With the housing going up, we'd like to see home furnishing stores we can always use a grocery store," Lemmons says.

This isn't the first Menards expansion in Machesney Park. Four years ago it added 20-thousand square feet for an appliance section. But due to the lack of land surrounding the store, Menards will have to move down the street.

Menards says it will hire an additional 40 employees. Construction should begin in a few months and the store is expected to open in the spring of 2008. Store managers say a new retailer should be in the old store during that time as well.