Rockford Life Magazine

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Rockford Life is written by Rockford residents for Rockford readers. The magazine's publisher hopes it will be a welcome addition to our nightstands and coffee tables for months to come.

"Rockford needs a city magazine to highlight the benefits of people who live and work in Rockford and to people who might consider moving here," Val Russell said.

This month’s debut issue has a 5 page section on Rockford nightlife. In it you'll find a restaurant guide and features on hot spots downtown.

"Our tagline is Rockford's resource for living, so we want it to be where people turn for information," said Mary George, editor in chief.

The magazine features Rockford's stars, such as the sock monkey. It also has in depth stories on organizations like the Rockford Rescue Mission. But Rockford's people and places aren't the only subject matter.

"In January we're looking at everything from health and fitness and New Year's resolutions to the housing on how to sell a house," George said.

Rockford Life will soon publish archived articles that we can read for free online.