Scrap Yard on the Move in Belvidere

Business owners just outside the city of murals aren’t happy with the picture they are seeing painted.

Heide Abramat is the president of president of Airo Tool & Manufacturing Co., directly across the street from the proposed site.

“I was furious; it’s not zoned for this its going to pollute our ground water; it’s totally unsightly.”

She is talking about the Silver Salvage yard that could be moved from downtown Belvidere to just south west of town. But Abramat and many neighbors don’t want what they think will be an eyesore stifling the areas growth.

But Mark Silver, the operator of the scrap yard, says they have it all wrong.

“It will be one of the most ascetically pleasing industrial sites in the area.”

280 trees will be planted to serve as a natural buffer. He also says that in the 40 years the scrap yard has been operating, there has not been one EPA violation.

“We are a scrap metal recycling facility. We only recycle scrap metals we can make money selling.”
And that means no hazardous contaminants, and no risk to the surrounding environment.

The final word on the scrap yard move should come by mid-December. They must be out of the current location in April.