9/11, How We've Changed

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While it's been two years since the attack, the tragedy still affects many of us everyday. 23 News reporter Erica Hurtt talked with some stateliners about what 9/11 means to them.

We don't look at airplanes in the same way. Or flags or firefighters, the images of September 11, 2001 are etched into our minds. Miles away from the tragedy, here in the stateline, the attacks still effect the way many of us live.

"There are things that are going to effect all of our lives because of 9/11. Because it wasn't seen or foretold in the beginning, I think it's going to effect all of our lives because it has changed things in America," says Olli Porter.

As time passes, the immediacy of it all fades, but for many stateliners, the shock and fear never completely go away.

"Sometimes it might get a little too relaxed but we have to remember, it's not safe out there," says Dale Schweitzer, a Loves Park resident.

Despite all of the new security measures, many area residents are still searching for safety.

Barb Lamay says, "Security? Changes in security? If anything it seems like people aren't secure right now with everything that's going on. I wouldn't say people are secure at all."

As we reflect, many stateliners say it's important to look ahead and apply the lessons learned from that horrible day in September.