Missing Children

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"Nervous, worried."

That's how Octavius McNair- Davis felt the past week. He ran away from his home in Freeport. His mom was devastated.

"I started getting really worried, and started getting flyers out and making phone calls and talking to his friends," Margaret Davis said.

Police in northern Illinois receive missing children reports every day. Even though most of the kids run away voluntarily it can still be a dangerous situation."

"There's many predators in this world who will take advantage of young people- at first they'll try to be nice but in reality they're predators and take advantage. Many times these cases turn tragic," Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro said.

Runaways are often lured away from home by strangers they meet online.

“The predators are no longer just out there in society, they're in your home because of the internet," Iasparro said.

About two thousand children are reported missing from the stateline every year. Besides monitoring who children talk to on the internet... Parents can help prevent their kids from running away by keeping track of who they're with at all times.

"Keep up with your children's friends. Know where they live and try to get a phone number," Davis said.

That's where Octavius spent the past week... with friends. But he says he'll never run away again.

To see pictures of children missing from our area log on www.missingkids.com