Final Push For Votes

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Nationally, Democrats could take control of the U.S. House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. But locally just as many things are on the line. Many Democratic candidates are all hoping that the slogan many used, “It's time for change” really applies.

Democrats spent the afternoon getting out the vote. In the 69th District Democratic Candidate Greg Tuite was working the phones and making rounds. His opponent Republican Candidate Ron Wait was up to much of the same. In the 34th District Race Democratic Candidate Dan Lewandowski joined fellow democrats to put together a campaign day game plan. His Republican opponent Dave Syverson set up a phone bank today urging people in his district to vote. Members of the UAW were a part of the get out the vote rally. Many that already voted say nobody has the right to complain if they don't vote.

UAW Election Coordinator Jerry Zepplan states, “I will be out with the UAW putting up signs, giving people rides whatever we need to do to get people out to vote.

UAW Chair Charles Knight states, "Every vote does count no matter what they think there's been a lot of races won by 1 or 2 votes."

Now there has been some last minute candidate bashing. Monday night, 23 News learned that a letter was sent around over the weekend to voters in District One. The letter talks about two Winnebago County Board Democratic Candidates Wendy Shneider and Mary Osborn. It states that the two are only running to stop an ethanol plant in Winnebago County. But the two candidates say they have no possible impact on the future of the plant. The letter was paid for by the Winnebago County Board Caucus. But now the State Board of Elections is looking into whether or not that organization even exists. Osborn and Schneider say their Republican opponents Randy Olson and Tom Owens have used "desperate measures." Right now the printer is being blamed for the typographical mistakes. Both Democratic and Republican parties offer free rides to the polls Tuesday.