In-Depth with Don Manzullo

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Congressman Don Manzullo has represented the people of northern Illinois since 1993. He first considered a career in public service back in the 1980's... At the time Rockford residents were losing their jobs left and right.

"This city was hit with a 25% unemployment rate and I vowed back then that if I ever had the opportunity to reverse the fortunes of people in northern Illinois by trying to restore manufacturing I would do that," Manzullo said.

Manzullo now tries to use every chance he gets to support and grow manufacturing in northern Illinois.

"You know in the entire congress of the U.S. there's only one person who spends as much time on manufacturing as I do because one out of 4 jobs in northern Illinois is directly related to manufacturing," Manzullo said.

As chair of the U.S. China Interparliamentary exchange, Manzullo tries to influence Chinese leaders to engage in fair trade. He says the Chinese sell products at unfair prices... which makes it nearly impossible for businesses in northern Illinois to compete.

"It's really doing the dickens out of a lot of local manufacturers and other business people. So it's a continuous fight, so I'm way up front dealing with them."

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