Eagle Market Auction

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Later this week the fate of the Eagle Grocery Store on North Main Street in Rockford will be decided. If a buyer isn't found the store would likely close.

Debbie Kartheiser shops at this Eagle Market on North Main Street a few times a week.

"I live like a three minute drive away so it's really close," says Debbie.

Word that the store could close its doors frustrates nearby residents like Kartheiser who've seen several major businesses fold along this northwest corridor in recent years.

"Its' really sad to me to see if this store does go, there's not going to be anything in the neighborhood anymore," Debbie says.

The alderman for this area believes the strip was hit by a string of bad luck.

"I don't think necessarily it's because it's located in northwest Rockford that it's closing. I think it's because Eagle is in bankruptcy and they have to make some tough decisions on store closures," says alderman John Beck.

Beck says one of the biggest challenges to turning the area around is getting the city to make it a priority. For example, Rockford's city council voted to give $158,000 to develop this intersection at Rote and Perryville Roads. Monday the council could allocate another $135,000 for the project, but Beck says this area doesn't need public money to see development.

"We've got to focus our taxes and our incentives on areas that aren't going to as naturally develop on their own," says Beck.

As more and more development leaves the heart of Rockford, many residents will have to get use to driving farther to get their essentials. This Thursday is the bid deadline for the North Main Eagle store. The auction will take place in Chicago. If a buyer isn't found the stores will be forced to close.