Democrats Rally to Get Out the Vote

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If you drove by the Lithuanian Club on Sunday evening, you would have heard the applause, chants, and shouts from over 100 area residents with a severe case of election fever.

Election Day is quickly approaching and local Democrats are making their final push to unseat some of the Republican incumbents. Candidates from around the state joined forces at the Lithuanian Club to urge their supporters to get out the vote. They focused on issues they feel are important to our community including employment, health care reform and our schools system. Organizers say it's time for a change in local government...And it's on area voters to help them make that happen.

"Most of these people are going to be coming back tomorrow and they're going to be calling their neighbors and friends encouraging them to get out and vote on Tuesday if maybe they were sitting on the fence just because they are fired up and energized right now," says Paul Gorski, the recording secretary for the Winnebago County Democrats.

If you have any questions about particular election-related issues, Democratic leaders encourage you to contact the candidates directly with your concerns.

Make sure you keep it tuned here to 23 News on Election Night for comprehensive live coverage from Democratic and Republican headquarters.