Mock Election

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Election day comes early to North Boone Middle School... mock election day that is.
They're not technically eligibable to vote but these kids are going to know just what to do when they turn 18.
Seventh grade Social Studies teacher Jeannine Dubois says, "If we can get them into it now, I think that they're more likely to become, to want to register to vote, vote in elections, know what's going on politically in our country."
These kids may be young. But they have some pretty informed opinions.
"I voted mostly Republican because I agree with abortion laws they have," says North Boone student Megan Seckinger.
Another student, Kayla Glickenberger says, "I voted for all the Democrats. Global warming is very serious and we should do something about it."
Social studies teachers prepared the kids with lessons on the political parties and the history of voting. Other teachers pitched in too.
"The reading teacher I know had the kids reading ads and decide if they were negative ads or what kinds of things do they put in there and I know the math teacher had the kids look at the different populations of the county."
Still it's clear parents' views influence their kids choices.
"I was just raised that way," says one young man.
"What they think is right I usually go with what I think is right," adds Seckinger.
Hopefully voter turnout here indicates how many adults will go to the polls on Tuesday. Every student voted except a few who forgot to register on time...another real life lesson.
The children have spoken and the full results are in:
Topinka/Birkett 46
Blagojevich/Quinn 101

Secretary of State:
Rutherford 44
White 100

Attorney General:
Umholtz 48
Madigan 97

Pankau 68
Hynes 82

Radogno 71
Giannoulias 72

State Representative:
Wait 102
Tuite 43

North Boone Referendum Yes 104
North Boone Referendum No 26