In-Depth with Dick Auman

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Dick Auman hopes voters' frustration with the war in Iraq will help him win the 16th congressional seat. He wants to immediately pull all American troops out of Iraq.

"I don't want to see any more Americans die over there for no good purpose. I think it's obvious there's no military solution in Iraq," Auman said.

Auman served in the military for three years as a marine. He thinks we're spending too much money in Iraq and it's time to let neighboring countries step up and use political means to bring stability to the region.
We asked him why do you think you are the most qualified to represent the 16th district?

Auman responded, "I'm rational, logical, and have the ability to make non-emotional judgments about what's best for this country."

Auman was mayor of his hometown, Galena for eight years until 2005.
"I learned problems are neither democrat nor republican problems. They're just problems and people expect you to solve them if you're an elected official."

One problem he wants to fix is social security. Many politicians say it's doomed to fail... That the money will run out within a few decades.

"It's my understanding you have to increase revenue by 2% or decrease benefits by 2%. I would argue that we should maintain the benefits by increasing revenue."

Auman also wants to pass a law that would set up national healthcare that provides insurance to every American.

"It would include prescription drugs. There would be no deductibles, no co-pays and it would be financed by a 3.3% payroll tax that employers would pay."

There are already 75 members of congress co-sponsoring the healthcare bill. Auman wants to be the 76th.

"Doctors would not be employees of the state, or a federal government or any government. They would continue to be independent business people, hospitals would continue to operate the same way but every American would have insurance, the ability to choose his or her own doctor."

To hear more about Auman’s beliefs and plans for office, click on the video link.

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