Searching for a Cause

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The back of the family owned business shows the scars sustained during Saturday morning's fire. The damage to the building doesn't seem that extensive, but fire officials are estimating the damage to building's interior at nearly $250,000.

Investigators say when they arrived early Saturday morning at the Central Tile and Terrazo building on South Court Street, they encountered a thick column of heavy smoke. The smoke came rising from the rear of the building and the fire had already climbed onto the structure's second floor. Firefighters were having difficultly battling this blaze because it was feeding on fuel pouring out of this vehicle.

Fire officials are focusing their attention on a pickup truck as the cause of the fire. It was parked inside this loading dock and investigators believe an electrical spark may have started this slow moving fire.

As the owners of this family own business look over some the damage, they are relieved that firefighters were able to contain the fire as fast as they did. The Demarco's expect their business to be open on Monday and don't expect the fire to disrupt much of their business operations.