Cold Case Squad

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It's always in the back of a crime investigator's mind and at any moment there could be a break in the case. So that’s why experience may come in handy to make sure that it's "case closed."

Investigators say, “A crime scene tells you a story. It's like a puzzle."

Except all the pieces don't always fit. Winnebago County has a total of 10 unsolved homicides from that 2 cases are pending. The oldest case dates back to 1966 and the most recent case was in February 2005.

Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers, "Dani Meyers is a case I will never forget. I will always do something with this young man that was found murdered off of Cunningham by the old Montecello Liquor Store."

It’s a different case that sticks out in Winnebago County Sheriff Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro’s mind. It’s a case that both Rockford and Winnebago County are jointly working on. Iasparro states, “What sticks with me more is the Tammy Tracey case. I was with it from day one and I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't think of that."

What happened here on Yale Bridge Road back in December of 2004 really struck a cord in everyone's heart. You see they found a baby frozen to death named Baby Crystal. Crystal had high levels of cocaine in her system and tested positive for Hepatitis B. Investigators have been looking for her mother, a prolonged drug abuser, for years. And now a Cold Case Team of former veteran investigators might help reveal new information.

Meyers states, "The ladies and men that are retired have a tremendous amount of experience in that area to be able to concentrate on one case and not have another case load to follow. It will be a joy to some of these investigators."

So far Meyers, Iasparro and Former Ogle County Sheriff Mel Messer are on the team. Eventually someone will be hired to supervise the work. No new money will be needed to hire these part-time and full-time positions. Meyers says he has enough existing dollars to fund the Cold Case team.

Basically any evidence involved in a homicide is kept forever. DNA evidence is refrigerated in order to be preserved. Since technology has changed so much the team will re-submit evidence from these Cold Cases to see if there could be a new ties based on evidence like hair fiber or blood.