Real Life Ghost Hunting in the Stateline

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The house I live in is over 100 years old and overall a decent little place, but the basement is creepy. It’s so creepy that I wouldn’t be surprised if a little paranormal activity was taking place. So I called in the experts. No, not the Ghostbusters; Ghost Hunters.

Holly Chamberlain is the investigative coordinator for the Northern Illinois Ghost Hunting Team.

“We never charge for investigations we don’t utilize psychics spiritualists, mediums, we don’t discredit them, we want to be able to show a reading on a meter a picture on a camera."

Or some other evidence supplied by their instrumentation, and they take it serious with
thousands of dollars of equipment designed to confirm or deny the presence of things that go bump in the night.

“If your gonna come across a cold spot and its not traveling chances are its man made"

In fact they only find evidence of paranormal activity about five percent of the time. We didn't have time for the full team of investigators to come out to my house on Halloween. But we did find a lot of cobwebs, spiders and even a dead bird.

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