Halloween Patrol

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With an increase in pranks tonight, area police were keeping a closer eye on our streets, looking out for all the trick or treaters. Winnebago County Deputy Dominick Darcellona was patrolling in Machesney Park. He's expecting plenty of complaints tonight, from things like pranksters stealing decorations and candy, to smashing pumpkins and throwing eggs at houses. A big worry of his though is people driving wildly near kids on the streets. Barcellona takes all of these violations seriously, large or small.
"If they get caught, they're dealt with. Of course that's gonna all depend on if the homeowner or victim wants to file charges," says Barcellona.
Another big concern is sex offenders, who might break the law and hand out candy. There were two calls tonight about registered sex offenders in winnebago county leaving their lights on and possibly giving out candy.