69th District Race

Ron wait has been in office for 22 years. He was born and raised in Belvidere and is a republican farmer. His opponent, Greg Tuite is a lawyer from Rockford, who's also the chairman of Winnebago's county's Democratic Party.

"I think Mr. Wait has been tied to his party, If they tell him to do one thing he's going to do that and he'll put the needs of his party above the needs of his people," Tuite said.

"Even though I'm a republican with a democratic governor and senate I was still able to save the public aid office because I have friends on both sides of the aisle," Wait said.

Both candidates want to take an axe to the state budget to reduce the deficit. But they want to make school funding a top priority.

"I've proposed replace the local property tax with a local income tax where the money stays here locally," Wait said.

"We have to look at a combination of things and with that get more money to schools and reduce property taxes," Tuite said.

Tuite says he would have supported last year's budget, while wait voted against it.

"He voted against the money used to fund the Chrysler expansion he talks about that he was in favor of Chrysler expansion yet when it came time to pay for that he voted against it,” Tuite said.

"I made sure that was in the budget, however all of us republicans in the senate and house, because we were not in the final say of what was there in the budget so we all voted in protest," Wait said.

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