Police Cracking Down on Halloween Pranks

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"Trick or Treat" - Halloween's *usually* harmless slogan. But kids can get into some serious trouble when they pull tricks on the 31st.

Halloween mischief like throwing eggs at a house or car is considered vandalism and could carry a hefty fine, stealing candy is robbery, throw in a plastic gun or sword and it could be a felony-level violent crime, and smashing pumpkins, or looping toilet paper over trees, that's criminal mischief again punishable by a fine. Rockford police take these violations very seriously. Here's what you can do to protect your property.

"Homeowners you should probably not leave any of their decorations out after the evening hours are done. They should bring them in to prevent theft, damage. Leaving their yard lights on and just being a good neighbor," says Rockford Police Lt. Christine McAnally

Lt. McAnally says children should always trick or treat with an adult. She adds that parents need to talk to their kids and make sure they understand the consequences of Halloween pranks.