Police Pursuit

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Shots ring out through a near east side neighborhood. A Rockford Police officer fired several rounds during an incident at 7th Street and 13th Avenue. The target was a suspicious car and driver that police had been keeping an eye on. Two bike officers were out on patrol. Residents tell 23 News the officers have been quite vigilant with working the area trying to cut down on crime. Tuesday afternoon the officers spotted a car that they'd been watching for. This suspicious vehicle stop resulted in numerous shots fired.

Crime tape going up isn't a sight all to uncommon for residents in this 7th Street neighborhood. James Gregory runs the Rock House Ministries on 7th street. James says, "You always hear shots and you wonder if it's gunfire or kids. We came out and sure enough we knew it was a shooting. We wanted to help the officer out as best we could."

Two bike officers were out on patrol when a suspicious car was spotted. One of the officers approached the car on foot. That stop resulted in the officer ending up on the hood of the car. Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro stated, "The driver drove recklessly in reverse north bound on 7th Street with the officer hanging onto the vehicle. "

Shouting for the car to stop the officer ended up on the ground at the intersection of 13th Avenue and 7th Street. From that location multiple shots were fired. The car's driver, 21-year-old Lataurean Brown of Rockford, still didn't stop. Although wounded, Brown managed to drive several more blocks. Brown and his vehicle were located in the 1300 block of 10th Street. One key piece of evidence could be a packet of white powder. Police believe Brown threw the drugs from the vehicle. Investigators say this might be the main reason behind the stop in the first place.

The officer's name should be released on Wednesday. The officer was taken to Swedish American Hospital where he was treated and released. Lataurean Brown was also taken to Swedish American with multiple gun shot wounds. Brown did undergo surgery and is said to be in stable condition.