Revoked License Can Cost Your Wheels

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A new law went into affect Wednesday to try and crack down on repeat offenders who lose their licenses but drive anyway.

This new bill is aimed to curb drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence or reckless homicide, and drive on a suspended or revoked license. Under this new law, drivers can face jail time and have their vehicles confiscated, it's all in hopes to keep dangerous drivers off the roads.

Nearly 75,000 drivers were arrested in 1998 for driving on a suspended or revoked license. Already in Rockford this year, 896 people have been arrested for driving on an illegal license. These offenders, have constantly ignored their sentences because some officials say, historically the problem has been that the law has been too lenient.

But there are some loop holes is this law, if the spouse of the car's owner can show that the loss of the vehicle would create a family hardship, they can take control of the vehicle. But a second offense could mean seizure by the state.

This new law replaces the previous one that allowed seizures following four convictions.