A Stand Off, Or A Mid-Morning Nap?

“The initial call we responded to this morning were two shots fired, in the interior of the home.”

Belvidere Deputy Chief of Police Jan Noble

Noble also said of those shots grazed its intended target. The victim only received superficial wounds and ran out of the house. As barricades, rifles, a swat team and negotiators moved in, the person who pulled the trigger says he had no idea what was going on.

Rene Hernandez is representing Eddie Travino.

“He was sleeping, it wasn't even until after 11 that he checked his cell phone after he woke up, he returned the phone call.”

Soon after he left the house with his hands in the air. Eddie Trevino was arrest for aggravated discharge of a weapon. But he says he pulled the gun in self defense and he didn't even mean to fire it.

“It was obvious that he was beaten up he was black and blue black eyes and it looked like he even had a broken nose.” Hernandez

Trevino claims his roommate and two of his roommates friends assaulted him. Not only does he plan on fighting the charges against him he may also press charges on the men who he says started the fight.