Homeless Daycare Busy During Winter Months

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An estimated 9-hundred Rockford children are homeless. But a local group is out to change that as well as help some of their parents get back on their feet.

At 23 years old, Felisha Davis has more than just her three toddlers to worry about. She's single, unemployed, and homeless.

"I came to Rockford because I was told you have a lot of help out here," says Felicia Davis.

Davis moved to Rockford three weeks ago. For 25-hours a week, she gets a break from motherhood, and drops her kids off at Maya's House, a daycare center for the homeless.

"If you don't have much family how you gonna look for a job with the kids in the car how you gonna fill out applications that's really unprofessional, then you won't get the job," Davis says.

About a dozen parents like Davis use Maya's house - so kids have a place to play- while parents go out and find a job. With colder weather, directors say they're watching nearly 20-kids a day, that's double than normal. But it's not just the temperature driving more homeless to the playroom.

"Rockford is a very giving community we have some wonderful resources we have some wonderful programs and when you have something good, word spreads," says Patricia Crowell, the Director of Maya's House.

Davis currently lives at the Rescue Mission and is looking for a job as a certified nurse's assistant. She hopes to be on her own within the next three months.

Directors at Maya's House say numbers are up from last year as well. And they need more volunteers. You can contact Shelter Care Ministries at (815)964-5520.