Community Park

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Winnebago County really only has a certain direction to grow, northeast. Many are taking advantage of the compass being pointed in that direction. Tuesday night the Rockford Park District board signed off on an $18 million expansion.

The team roster includes Winnebago County, Loves Park and the Rockford Park District. All three are in a huddle to improve riverside and change 42 acres of land into Northeast Community Park and Sportscore 2. The Rockford Park District board gave their approval to fund part of the project by selling bonds. Winnebago County is taking care of Riverside Boulevard. The I-90/Riverside interchange to Argyle Road will be 4 lanes. A new north-south Highway "5" will pass through the park from Riverside Boulevard north to Orth Road. Now taxpayers won't have to pay more but our money is going to be used.

Executive Director Tim Dimke says, “The tax payers do use the road whether you live there or you're using Indoor Sports Center of Sportscore 2 or just driving through that area. They are taxpayers."

Winnebago County Engineer Joe Vanderwerff states, “We know that additional traffic will be coming into that area and we want to be prepared for that with a highway system that can support that traffic."

The first phase of construction will begin next summer. This will be complete by the summer of 2008. About 1.5 million people use Sportscore 2 every year. The complex comes on the heels of a new Riverhawk stadium, new outlet mall, and new YMCA.