A Reunion 55 Years in the Making

They once fought side by side, but now Floyd Herbig embraces Juan Jaramillo with open arms.

“It’s hard to describe. It’s very heartfelt when you can find the man that saved your life 50 years ago,” Floyd Herbig said.

At the base of hill 355 in North Korea, Floyd found himself to be the only soldier unharmed after a round of bullets injured or killed everyone around him. His friend Juan believed there was still hope and later found his buddy carrying a wounded solider through a frozen rice patty.

Juan still remembers his initial excitement when he was told he would see his friend after so many years.

“I put the phone down and went running into the family room jumping up and down saying, ‘I found herb, I found herb,’” said Juan Jaramillo.

The veterans are both hoping, but not optimistic, about the reunion giving them some closure on an issue that Floyd thinks of often.

“Every damn day I do. The anger is still there, the sorrow is still there, I don’t doubt that it will always be there.”

Even if the closure never comes, the two buddies from way back are thankful for one more opportunity to spend time with each other.