Maloney On The Hot Seat

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Confidentiality is a fine line and when it's crossed the trust is broken forever. Now Harlem School Board members say one of their own broke the silence. The board decided that Gloria Maloney failed to respect confidentiality of a board member. School Board President Sandi Johnson rattled off about eight different violations that Maloney allegedly broke. However Maloney says she acted ethically and thinks the board is wasting time and money on a lawyer. Earlier this month board members met to discuss whether or not a sex offender should be allowed to attend a choir concert. Maloney then distributed fliers identifying the sex offender.

Maloney states, “I'm not embarrassed. I feel that I acted ethically, constructively, I did what I needed to do and I couldn't act different in the same situation. I couldn't do otherwise."

Basically just because Maloney is censured it doesn't mean she's kicked off the board. It's more like a way to publicly ruin Maloney's name. Harlem School Superintendent Dr. Pat DeLuca doesn't recall a board member being censured since at least 2003.