Hate Crimes in the Stateline

Dave and Deb Sandberg woke up Saturday morning to find a giant swastika and a racial slur “go home ***********” spray painted on their two car garage.

The slur is typically directed to people from the Middle East. The Sandbergs were one of two houses marked with swastikas. The crime normally considered a misdemeanor, will most likely be categorized as a felony because of the hateful motivation behind the crime, motivation that doesn't sit well with the home owner.

The Sanbergs are both Caucasian, but they said their Middle Eastern neighbors may have been the target. 23 News could not get a hold of them but we were told they are fearful of more hate crimes in the future.

The categorization of a hate crime would increase the maximum penalty from less than one year in jail to one to three years in prison.