His Final Fight

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The fallen soldier was laid to rest Saturday morning. Under the blanket of a 21-gun salute, a fallen hero is laid to rest.

With full military honors, Private Scott Tyrrell is buried. Private Tyrrell is being remembered for the service and sacrifice he made to his country. His casket draped in the colors he died defending.

Private Tyrrell, a 21 year old combat engineer from Sterling, died on November 20th. The defense department says that Private Tyrrell died from burns. A fire broke out while his unit was destroying a stockpile of Iraqi ammunition that was found in Tikrit.

During a mass at St. Mary's Catholic church in Oregon, friends and family remember Tyrrell. Many say he was a handsome, quiet man who found his calling in the military. It was said that everybody knew Scott Tyrrell not for what he was, but for who was: a man who took pride in everything he did.

Hundreds of mourners wiped away tears and tried to celebrate the life of this fallen soldier. Private Tyrrell who attended schools in Oregon and Sterling entered the army three years ago. He had dreams of eventually following in his mothers' footsteps of becoming a teacher.