Selling That House

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The real estate boom is coming to an end and realtors are pulling out all their tricks to sell that house.
"Do your job, Joseph. " That 's a real estate agent 's plea to an inches high plastic statue of St. Joseph. The job entrusted to him is to sell a house.
Marj Wollshlager is a realtor with Gambino Realtors and a St. Joseph devotee. She says, "I bury him upside, pointing to the direction the sellers are moving to. I've seen times when the market was tight, people buried a statue of Saint Joseph and it sold."
St. Jospeh is the patron saint of real estate, a modern incarnation of a centuries old tradition.
"Nuns used to bury silver medallions of St. Joseph on property they wanted to acquire, over time that changed to the plastic statues and the tradition started. I've had clients go out and buy their own statues and say we've got to bury St. Joseph."
Walt Muraski checked out the property at this open house today. He's used St. Joseph to sell a house before and he says he'll do it again, "If we decide to buy this house, we'll have to use St. Joseph to sell our old house."
In the wintertime when the ground is frozen and you can't get a shovel in, St. Joseph sometimes has to find a home inside, like in a flowerpot.
Wollshlager says the real estate market is on a downturn after a four-year boom...and that means it's time to get out the shovels again.
"The real estate market is still good but it's not as good as it could be. So you're going to see a jump in sales in St. Josephs because when the market is down we pull out all the stops."
Wollshlager says she doesn't think there's any real magic behind the statues, just the power of positive thinking.