Flood Victims React

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We've been waiting several weeks to hear whether the government will help pay for some of the damage caused during the Labor Day flood. And unfortunately FEMA has "not" declared Rockford a federal disaster area.

This is definitely not what several flood victims were expecting. FEMA toured Rockford twice to make sure they gathered all of the necessary info. But the nearly 4-hundred homes damaged and 70 families displaced, weren't enough for the federal government to declare Rockford a federal disaster area.

Flood victim Carla McIntyre lost her family cat when flood waters rushed through her basement windows. The McIntyre's entire basement had to be gutted, appliances replaced, and water is still dripping out of their car. McIntyre says FEMA's decision is a major blow to the flood victim's of Rockford.

"I was shocked. I thought with the devastation that we got and other people just with in two blocks of here where their houses literally went off the foundations that the city would have got something," says Carla McIntyre.

McIntyre says her family is planning on moving out of Rockford once they finish repairing the basement. She says the flood has caused her daughters to become anxious and they often refuse to stay at school when it's raining.

The city says it will appeal FEMA's decision and try to find other funds to help these families out.