Vandals Strike Loves Park

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Vandals leave a trail of destruction across Loves Park and Machesney Park. From shattered car windows to business and house windows thousands of dollars in damage has been reported.

Dozens of Loves Park business and homeowners started the day sweeping up Friday and taping up after vandals left a trail of shattered glass across the community.

Pellet gun or B.B. gunshots tore through nearly a hundred properties from Loves Park to Machesney Park overnight Thursday. Including Jensen's North Second Street business.

Jensen said, "it's going to be at least a $1,000 for this window plus what the other two are going to cost. It's going to be expensive." Jay Sklar's uniform business was another target. Sklar said, "it's very disappointing. But we've been on North Second Street for a long time and it's generally a good area. But no area is immune to these random acts of vandalism."

With snow flying, business owners had to move quickly to board up their properties but they could be waiting several days for replacement glass to the high volume of vandalism.

Police believe all of the incidents are related. They have no leads or suspects at this time. If you have any information call Crimestoppers.