Meet The Candidates

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Government corruption has been a major topic leading up to this November's election especially in the governor's race. But it's completely different in the race for Winnebago County Sheriff. Thursday night many found out where candidates stand on the issue. The two candidates not only vary in age but vary in the way Winnebago County should be patrolled. Here's a chance for you to get a better understanding of where these two candidates come from.

Democratic candidate and current Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers has been involved in law enforcement since 1967. He's held the title as sheriff since June 1997. Meyers says, "We have solved 113 out of 120 homicides and the 7 we are still working on."

Meyers says his qualifications and experience make him the best choice. Meyers says voters should be worried that Republican candidate James Kidd has never been an officer of the law. His opponent Kidd says experience doesn't matter. Kidd states, "I want his job."

Under Meyers reign the community voted for a Public Safety Tax with the main purpose being to build a new Winnebago County jail. Meyers says they won't know till 2008 if that 1% jail tax will be eliminated. Meyers states, "We made a commitment to the community to build a new jail, properly staff it, speed up the court system, provide alternatives to incarceration and a few issues like that and we need to stay to that commitment."

Kidd has a plan to hold inmates more accountable. And by doing so he says we shouldn't have to pay anymore. Republican candidate James Kidd states, "Let the money go back to the community, reduce it, give it back that's where it belongs."

The forum was also a chance for the candidates for State Senator to rally votes. Current State Senator and Republican Candidate Dave Syverson has been in that seat for 14 years. He's passed over 100 pieces of legislation. His democratic opponent Dan Lewandowski is a family attorney. He wants to raise the minimum wage by a dollar and decrease property taxes. The next time you can learn more about certain candidates is Monday, October 23rd. The Winnebago County Board candidates will have their say at the Unitarian Universalist church at 7:30 p.m.