Walmart Selling $4 Meds

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It gets expensive for many of us to fill prescriptions and we sometimes need to cut from other areas to keep our pills refilled. So now Walmart wants to make it cheaper by cutting prices on hundreds of prescription drugs.

These medications are now nearly half the price they were previously. Walmart is now charging only four dollars for more than 300 of its prescriptions and a quarter of them are top-sellers.

"I think it's fabulous for people who need the drug and can't get it elsewhere cause four dollars is really cheap," says Walmart shopper Beverly Henderson.

Paxil is one of Walmart's top selling generic drugs. In the past, it cost $50 dollars. But now like several other it's going for four dollars.

Walmart pharmacists say these generic drugs are the same ones found on store shelves before the price drop. They've cut out the middle man making it cheaper for us to refill.

"People that need a break on prescription pricing that's the main goal of the program four dollars is going to help drive down prescription costs," says Walmart Pharmacy Manager Larry Jones.

Stateline pharmacists say they're not worried this will allow more competition, they're confident they're loyal customers will keep coming back.

"I don't think it will effect our business at all, because we provide a lot of more personal services like free delivery, compounding, we do a lot of things retail pharmacies don't do," says Elizabeth Lindquist, a pharmacist at Nihan and Martin.

The National Community Pharmacists Association agrees. They say the list of prescriptions is rather limited and pharmacists will be filling older versions of the drugs.

This program originally started in Florida - but now our state is one of 14 offering the discount drug program.