What Matters Survey

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Recently United Way asked many of us what we think are the most pressing issues in Winnebago County. Now the results are in. Education, unemployment and crime topped the list. So now leaders of united way say having less kids skip school is their top priority. The group is funding several agencies that can play a role in reducing truancy.

Some contributions to United Way are being used to fund agencies such as the YWCA’s curfew offenders program. Members of the group work with kids who are sent to court for skipping school.

"I'm so thrilled that united way is doing this because if they weren't it's simply going to get bigger and bigger and it's going to get out of control," said Dianna Cole.

United Way recently asked Winnebago County residents what they think are the most significant issues in our area. Education, unemployment and crime topped their lists. Now leaders of United Way hope they can make improvements in all those areas by lowering Rockford's truancy rate.

"United way can't solve all problems but we can focus our resources on keeping kids in school and helping them graduate, and that will prevent future problems down the road," said Michael Call, CEO of United Way of Rock River Vally.

By making truancy a top priority for Rockford... United way is changing the way it operates. To find out why click on the video link.